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Eatslimlifestyle Chacha Sauce Thai No.1 [170gm] Sugar Free Gluten Free Keto Atkins Friendly Cholesterol Free

Chili sauce replacement!

Malaysian can’t be apart with sauce. But almost sauce in the market full with sugar and gluten. Chacha sauce was designed with special handmade recipe to help you take care of your diet foods intake.

Combination fresh chili and apple cider for sure will help you burn fat gradually.

Who say healthy can’t be delicious? Eatslimlifestyle will show you the way


Low kcal

Gluten free

Sugar free

Keto Friendly


fresh chili, stevia, apple cider, garlic and salt

How to use:

can be dipping sauce
can replace normal chili sauce as cooking sauce
can used as marinate
how to keep:

please keep refrigerator can last for one year once you received the sauce

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